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Journal Quilts


January 2015

Inspired by the shape and patterns of slices of agate.I have kept the colours simple and pale and concentrated mainly on the texture that I imagine some of the patterns would create.

I have used gathering in the form of Suffolk Puffs or Yo-Yos and added other circles of embroidery using French knots and covered washers and rings to create surface texture. Simple quilting using a Cotton a Broder thread follow the shapes.

January journal quilt

February 2015
This design was part of a study of the human form and is based on a silhouette of a family holding hands walking along a beach.

It was put together before the days of computers with just a photocopier, some scissors and glue! Enlarged, chopped up and stuck back together.

I have printed it onto fabric and quilted around the shapes.
I love the hands…still clinging on to each other in spite of being all over the place.












sheep Catherine Kingzett